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Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies

Mitigate exploits, malware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks, Tim Rains, 1800206011, 9781800206014, 978-1800206014

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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After scrutinizing numerous cybersecurity strategies, Microsoft's former  Global Chief Security Advisor provides unique insights on the evolution  of the threat landscape and how enterprises can address modern  cybersecurity challenges.
Key Features Protect your organization  from cybersecurity threats with field-tested strategies by the former  most senior security advisor at Microsoft  Discover the most common ways  enterprises initially get compromised  Measure the effectiveness of  your organization's current cybersecurity program against cyber  attacksBook Description
Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and  Strategies shares numerous insights about the threats that both public  and private sector organizations face and the cybersecurity strategies  that can mitigate them.

The book provides an unprecedented  long-term view of the global threat landscape by examining the  twenty-year trend in vulnerability disclosures and exploitation, nearly a  decade of regional differences in malware infections, the  socio-economic factors that underpin them, and how global malware has  evolved. This will give you further perspectives into malware protection  for your organization. It also examines internet-based threats that  CISOs should be aware of.

The book will provide you with an  evaluation of the various cybersecurity strategies that have ultimately  failed over the past twenty years, along with one or two that have  actually worked. It will help executives and security and compliance  professionals understand how cloud computing is a game changer for them.  

By the end of this book, you will know how to measure the  effectiveness of your organization's cybersecurity strategy and the  efficacy of the vendors you employ to help you protect your organization  and yourself.
What you will learn Discover cybersecurity strategies  and the ingredients critical to their success  Improve vulnerability  management by reducing risks and costs for your organization  Learn how  malware and other threats have evolved over the past decade  Mitigate  internet-based threats, phishing attacks, and malware distribution sites   Weigh the pros and cons of popular cybersecurity strategies of the  past two decades  Implement and then measure the outcome of a  cybersecurity strategy  Learn how the cloud provides better security  capabilities than on-premises IT environmentsWho this book is for
This  book is for senior management at commercial sector and public sector  organizations, including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and  other senior managers of cybersecurity groups, Chief Information  Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and senior IT managers  who want to explore the entire spectrum of cybersecurity, from threat  hunting and security risk management to malware analysis. Governance,  risk, and compliance professionals will also benefit. Cybersecurity  experts that pride themselves on their knowledge of the threat landscape  will come to use this book as a reference.
Table of Contents  Ingredients for a Successful Cybersecurity Strategy Using Vulnerability  Trends to Reduce Risk and Costs The Evolution of the Threat Landscape –  Malware Internet-Based Threats Cybersecurity Strategies Strategy  Implementation Measuring Performance and Effectiveness The Cloud - A  Modern Approach to Security and Compliance