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Dementia Lab 2022: The Residue of Design: Proceedings of the 6th Dementia Lab Conference, D-Lab 2022, September 20–22, 2022, Leuven, Belgium

Maarten Houben, Rens Brankaert, Niels Hendriks, Andrea Wilkinson, Kellie Morrissey, 3031144651, 978-3031144653, B0BFKY7LH6, 978-3-031-14465-3, 978-3-031-14466-0

English | 2023 | PDF

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This book gathers the revised and selected contributions to the 6th Dementia Lab Conference, D-Lab 2022, held on September 20-22, 2022, in Leuven. It describes original and innovative research on how design can contribute to the quality of life of people with dementia, their loved ones, and caregivers. The papers highlight the value of participation within design, analyzing it at three levels: personal, product, and organizational. The presented ideas and findings address ‘The Residue of Design’ and go beyond the initial impact of the design itself by looking at what benefits design research brings for people with dementia. The papers cover topics such as the development of creative design methods to foster participation and engagement from people with dementia, evaluation studies or critical reflections that reveal the impact of products and the built environment in dementia care, and raising awareness and countering stigma in societal views on dementia.