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Design of Hybrid Structures: Where Steel Profiles Meet Concrete

André Plumier, Hervé Degée, 2022051451, 0367712075, 9780367712082, 978-0367712082, 978-0-367-71208-2, 978-0-367-71207-5, 9780367712075, 978-0367712075, 978-1-003-14981-1, 9781003149811, 978-1003149811, B0BZXXV8LR

English | 2023 | PDF | 38 MB | 350 Pages

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Well-designed hybrid structures can  combine the different performance strengths materials. This guide  focuses on design approaches for concrete structures reinforced in an  unconventional way by steel profiles. It explains force transfer  mechanisms of steel profiles and oncrete interfaces, and an analysis of  the characteristics of hybrid structures, including slendercomponents.  Several types of hybrid designs are addressed: walls and columns with  several embedded steel profiles, connections strengthened by steel  profiles between steel and composite or reinforced concrete components,  including the specific case of shear keys connecting deep beams or flat  slabs to columns. The transition zones in partly reinforced concrete and  partly composite columns are also covered.

Design  of Hybrid Structures draws on the European SMARTCOCO research project  of experimentation and numerical modelling, giving practical guidance  for designers and introducing the subject for researchers and graduate  students.