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Designing for Longevity: Expert Strategies for Creating Long-Lasting Products

Louise Møller Haase, Linda Nhu Laursen,1032284706, 1032284668,978-1032284705, 9781032284705, 978-1032284668, 9781032284668

English | 2023 | PDF | 14 MB | 279 Pages

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Product  longevity is one of the cornerstones in the transition towards a more  sustainable society and a key driver for the circular economy model.  This book provides designers, developers, and creators with five  distinctive expert strategies, detailed case studies, action guides and  worksheets that support both beginning and advanced design practitioners  in creating new product concepts with long-lasting strategic fits.

Designing for Longevity shows how expert design teams create original and long-lasting product  concepts from the early development phase. It focuses on integrating  business knowledge, market conditions, company capabilities, technical  possibilities and user needs into product concepts to make better  strategic decisions. It demonstrates how, for products to be durable,  designers must create a long-lasting strategic fit for the customer,  company, and market. Key case studies of products such as Bang &  Olufsen’s A9, LEGO Ninjago and Friends and Coloplasts’ Sensura Mio,  among others, offer readers inspiration, guidance and real-world  insights from design teams showing how the strategies can be applied in  practice. Action guidelines and worksheets encourage broad, analytical  problem-solving to identify and think through challenges at the early  concept stage.

Beautifully designed and illustrated  in full colour throughout, this book combines original research and the  hands-on tools and strategies that design practitioners need to create  useful, sustainable products.