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Developments and Applications of Enzymes From Thermophilic Microorganisms

Pratima Bajpai, B0BT1R3DBP, 0443191972, 9780443191978, 978-0-443-19197-8, 978-0443191978

English | 2023 | PDF | 9 MB | 302 Pages

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Developments and Applications of Enzymes from Thermophilic Microorganisms extensively presents the industrial application of thermophilic/hyperthermophilic enzymes. The book brings thorough and in-depth coverage on the role of these enzymes in a broad range of industries, focusing on present scenarios of these enzymes in biofuel industries, including recent advancements. The use of thermophilic enzymes in 2G biorefineries may enable the whole production process to take place at high temperatures, allowing increased reaction rate and reduced costs. Researchers in biochemistry, microbiology, microbial technology, biotechnology, molecular biology and bioresource technology will benefit from the new insights given on potential applications of hyperthermophiles.

Hyperthermophilic enzymes, many of which survive at temperatures at or above 100C, contain novel macromolecules and metabolic systems which represent a vast resource for fundamental molecular and physiological studies, and for potential exploitation in biotechnology.

  • Covers the role of thermophilic/hyperthermophilic enzymes in a broad range of industries
  • Explains the Importance of thermophilic/hyperthermophilic enzymes in biorefineries using examples of lignocellulose and starch conversions to desired products
  • Discusses the existing and potential applications of thermophiles/hyperthermophilic enzymes