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Education In World History

Mark S. Johnson, Peter N. Stearns, 0415318130, 9780415318136, 0415318149, 9780415318143, 1315817357, 9781315817354, 978-0415318136, 978-0415318143, 978-1315817354

English | 2023 | PDF

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Education in World History shows how broad currents in transnational  history have interacted with trends in educational organization and  teaching practices over time. From antiquity and early classical  societies to present day, this book highlights the ways in which changes  in religious and intellectual life and economic patterns in key world  regions have generated developments in education. Since the  postclassical period, cross-cultural connections have also influenced  educational change. In more recent times, transnational dialogues and  mobility have played a vital role in shaping educational patterns.  Ranging through South and East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas,  the book also considers how the impact of modern forces, such as  industrialization and nationalism, have transformed education in  fundamental ways. Throughout the volume, Mark S. Johnson and Peter N.  Stearns emphasize the tensions between elite and state educational  interests and more diverse popular demands for access and, often, for  more innovative pedagogy. Suitable for introductory world history and  history of education courses, this lively overview reconsiders the  history of education from the perspective of world and comparative  history.