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Educators' Stories of Creating Enduring Change: Enhancing the Professional Culture of Academic Health Science Centers by Linda A. Headrick . ISBNs: 1846195314, 9781846195310, 978-1846195310, B09RG6JG95

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سال انتشار: ۲۰۲۲
زبان: انگلیسی
فرمت: PDF
ناشر: CRC Press

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 by Linda A. Headrick (Editor), Debra K. Litzelman (Editor), Ann H. Cottingham (Editor), Jane L. Mandel (Editor), David C. Leach (Foreword)

This inspiring new book weaves a web of stories focusing on people  whose work in health professions education has touched the lives of  others in very important ways. Each chapter is told from the viewpoint  of an education innovator and is supplemented by short reflections from  those individuals whose lives have been changed as a result of that  work
With a focus on the process of innovation, the book  organically explores various phases from conceptualization,  implementation, evaluation, and dissemination
Educators’ Stories  of Creating Enduring Change generates a deeper understanding of an  individual’s capacity for creating enduring change. It is ideal for all  medical professions educators
"We wanted to inspire other  educators to live their dreams by following in the footsteps of a group  of leaders in health professional education. By helping the authors tell  their stories, we wanted the readers to experience their deep  commitment - actually, it was more like a deep conviction - to realizing  their vision of ways to improve health professional education and the  learning environments. We asked these education leaders to write ‘their  stories’ and lace their professional journeys with stories from those  whom they have influenced along the way. In the end, our goal was to  have a collection of librettos that would inspire readers to say, ‘I can  do that!’"
From the Preface