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El Niño Ready Nations and Disaster Risk Reduction: 19 Countries in Perspective

Michael H. Glantz, 978-3-030-86503-0, 978-3-030-86502-3, 3030865029, 978-3030865023, 9783030865023, B09TSN197Q

English | 2022 | PDF

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El Niño can have drastic effects on livelihoods in affected regions. As the climate changes, there will also be changes in El Nino behavior and therefor in its impacts around the globe on human activities such as agriculture, water resources and weather extremes. The country-specific studies covered in this book are undertaken by experts on climate, water and weather-related fields in the countries being studied.  Furthermore, aspects from other disciplines, for example from social sciences have been drawn upon in order to cover crosscutting themes which are identified:  depicting similarities and differences in responses to El Nino's impacts such as drought, floods, famines, health-related issues and the like.