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Enhancing the Benefits of Nauli with a Key Exercise for Abdominal Muscle Strength

Artem Orel, 9780369409898, 978-0369409898

English | 2023 | PDF

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The article is intended for yoga practitioners who have experience with  nauli and those who are looking to master this technique. Regular  practice of the dynamic exercise "leg raises on wall bars" multiplies  the benefits of nauli and enhances its therapeutic effect, especially in  cases of gastrointestinal tract disorders. By combining nauli with leg  raises, one can achieve results that are unattainable when either  technique is used separately. Two versions of lead-up exercises are  provided for beginners, as well as two accessory exercises that allow  one to achieve maximum progress in leg raises. Furthermore, an appendix  to the article highlights some lesser-known facts about nauli.