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Enterprise Project Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Management by Projects

Claude H. Maley, 1032543736, 1032455829, 1000955281, 978-1032543734, 978-1032543734, 978-1032455822, 9781032455822, 978-1000955286, 9781000955286, B0CC7965FM

English | 2023 | Original PDF | 35 MB | 258 Pages

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Enterprise Project Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Management by Projects covers  the essential and fundamental topics of Enterprise Project Management  and Management of Change by projects. It is written for portfolio,  program, and project managers, members of the project community,  upper-and middle-levelmanagement, functional and operational managers,  and all who desire to acquire an understanding of effective change by  project management. The book covers in-depth the following important  aspects of Enterprise Project Management:

  • Achieving organizational goals
  • Management of programs
  • Benefits realization management
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Project portfolio management (PPM) and the Project Management Office (PMO)

The  book explains how enterprises can consistently succeed in managing  projects by aligning them with Business Goals and clearly defining what  needs to be achieved. It shows how to ensure that Enterprise Project  Management is fully deployed, and that project management concepts,  methods, and techniques are available and utilized to deliver business  value and realize benefits.

The book helps managers  to answer the question, “Are we doing the right projects?” by covering  how PPM can ensure project alignment with strategic or operational goals  and the efficient use of scarce resources and funding to achieve  Objectives and Goals. It also helps managers to answer the question,  “Are we doing projects right?” by explaining the critical role of a PMO,  which supports excellence in project management by enhancing the  proficiencies of Project Managers and providing the foundational tools  and techniques for project success.