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Everything is Now: Revolutionary Ideas from String Theory

Bill Spence, 0367490234, 0367490226, 978-0367490232, 978-0367490225, 9780367490232, 9780367490225, B08HJJKC6S

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English | 2021 | PDF | 13 MB | 83 Pages

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This engaging and beautifully written book gives an authoritative but accessible account of some of the most exciting and unexpected recent developments in theoretical physics. 

Professor Lionel J Mason, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford 

String theory is often paraded as a theory of everything, but there are a large number of untold stories in which string theory gives us insight into other areas of physics. Here, Bill Spence does an excellent job of explaining the deep connections between string theory, particle physics, and the novel way of viewing space and time. 

Professor David Tong, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge 

Foremost amongst Nature’s closest-guarded secrets is how to unite Einstein’s theory of gravity with quantum theory – thereby creating a ‘quantum space-time’. This problem has been unsolved now for more than a century, with the standard methods of physics making little headway. It is clear that much more radical ideas are needed, and our front-line researchers are showing that string theory provides these. This book describes these extraordinary developments, which are helping us to think in entirely new ways about how physical reality may be structured at its deepest level.