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Excel 2023: From Zero to Hero: How to Become a Master of Microsoft Excel in Less Than 7 Minutes a Day with the Most Updated Guide

Ken Shepard, 8357759511, 979-8357759511, B0BHKLZBD5, B0BJ7J6R72

English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Are you seeking a well-liked and straightforward data analysis and representation program?
Do you realize there are many data input programs, but you'd want to get to know the simple one?
Do you need a beginner's handbook and simple procedures for data analysis?

Therefore, Microsoft Excel is the most suitable option for you.

In  today's offices, Microsoft Excel provides a convenient tool for  creating vast amounts of fabricated data, spending and revenue  projections, and other accounting-related duties. Excel from Microsoft  has an engaging user interface and attractive visuals, making it a  favorite of businesses of all sizes. Small and one-man operations may  also utilize the software.

This book will provide newcomers to  Microsoft Excel with an introduction to the program and an overview of  the tools and features they'll need to enter basic data and create basic  charts and graphs. With the lessons in this book, even those with  little prior experience with data analysis may create stunning  formatting results and visualization.
During the last few years, Microsoft has added over a hundred new features and improvements to Excel.
Even  among those that feature some of the most important potentials for  users of all levels to improve their performance and skill with Excel,  the strategies presented in this book are among the most significant.
To  maximize the benefits of having access to these and future resources,  consider how you & your team could best put them to use.

If  you're a business person, a member of the private sector, or just  someone who wants to learn Excel from scratch, this book is for you.

After going through this book, you can master/perform the following functions using Excel
Getting Started with Excel
Understanding Workbook and Worksheet
Excel Charts Graphs
Excel Tables
Analyzing Data in Excel
Excel Formula and Functions
Excel Macro and VBA
Excel Tips and Tricks
And much more.