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Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults

Danielle R. Rouchard, 9781492592167, 2019041558, 2019041559, 9781492572909, 9781492592174, 149257290X, 978-1492592167, 978-1492572909, 978-1492592174

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Go beyond aging theories and examine the physiological and physical   impacts of aging. Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults takes  a  close look at the physical implications of the aging process and how   health, physical activity, and exercise interact in aging adults.

With   an international team of contributors composed of leading experts from   across the field of gerontology, Exercise and Physical Activity for   Older Adults delivers comprehensive, interdisciplinary coverage of the   physical aging process and its effects on movement and exercise.   Research on the physiological and physical implications of aging is   presented, focusing on study outcomes and their practical application  in  optimizing healthy aging.

Presented in an integrated and cohesive manner, this text is organized into four parts.

Part   I covers the theoretical foundations of biological aging, the   implications of aging theories on medical research, and the social and   economic impacts of demographic shifts due to population aging and   global population size.
Part II addresses age-related changes to the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary, and endocrine systems.
Part   III covers the physical effects of aging on other dimensions of life,   including balance, motor control, and physical functions.
Part IV   focuses on exercise and older adults, taking an in-depth look at   exercise measurements and the main barriers to regular exercise. One   full chapter is devoted to recommendations for optimizing health for  the  general public, while another chapter is focused on performance by   elite older athletes who exercise beyond functional fitness.

Chapter   objectives, end-of-chapter summaries, and review questions highlight   key concepts and promote learning retention. Behavior Check sidebars   look at the impacts of aging on behavior, how behavior affects physical   health and activity, and how changes in behavior can improve everyday   living. Functional Fitness Checkup sidebars focus on the performance of   daily movements that are vital for older adults who want to maintain   their physical independence. Putting It Into Practice elements provide   examples of real-life application of the concepts presented,   facilitating a practical understanding of how to use the content to   benefit clients.

A definitive resource for students and health   care professionals who study physical aging, conduct clinical research,   or work with older adults as clients and patients, Exercise and  Physical  Activity for Older Adults helps readers understand the aging  process  and its effects on movement, exercise, and other dimensions of  life.