In the name of Allah the Merciful

Experimental Investigation of Calcium Looping CO2 Capture for Application in Cement Plants

Matthias Hornberger, 3658392479, 9783658392475, 978-3658392475

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book assesses the application of the calcium looping technology for  CO2 capture from cement plants. The cement industry contributes  significantly to the anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Due to process  inherent CO2 emissions, the application of CCS technologies is  inevitable to fully decarbonise the cement sector and mitigate climate  change. A comprehensive study regarding the suitability of various  potential sorbents (i.e. limestone, raw meal and raw meal components)  acting as CO2 carrier has been conducted using thermogravimetric  analysis. Various integration options of the calcium looping technology  into the cement clinker manufacturing process have been developed  addressing different boundary conditions of the cement plants. The more  mature options using fluidised bed reactors have been extensively  studied at semi industrial scale. Furthermore, a novel concept using  entrained flow reactors has been assessed by investigating the sorbent  properties of various raw meals in such a system.