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Explosion Vented Equipment System Protection Guide

Robert C. Comer | 1119640032, 978-1119640035, 9781119640035, B08MQTR9XF

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PDF 2021

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This book provides complete step by step instruction, practical examples, guidance, and worksheets to meet the needs of a company licensed or competent unlicensed engineer that, by education or experience, understands the concepts presented in this book.  This book will help engineers ensure that their company is in compliance with the new standard of dust collection systems by mitigating the exposed risks. The data is presented in tables and graphs along with examples that are based on actual, proven, practical designs to clearly illustrate application of the information provided.

The book is broken down into two parts. Part 1 details structural analysis and design for reinforcing dust handling systems including Design criteria and general theory, Dust collector wall, roof and hopper sections, Access doors, hinges and latches, explosion vent ducts, blast deflectors, and filter bag cage design, Explosion vent duct weather covers, etc. Part 2 covers explosion relief elements and explosion flowing pressure analyses.