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Fascia Training: A Whole-System Approach

Johnathon Allen, Bill Parisi, 9781794564657, 978-1794564657

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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If you want to be faster, stronger, and less prone to injury, it’s  critical you understand how important the body’s fascia system is to  athletic performance. Modern research and imaging technologies are  showing us that it’s far more significant than we have long understood.  That’s why Bill Parisi—founder of the Parisi Speed School—and extreme  sports writer, Johnathon Allen, set out on a nationwide quest to  interview the top experts in the field so they could present this new  performance science in a paradigm shifting book that’s not only packed  with practical information, but also entertaining to read! Fascia  Training: A Whole-System Approach, explores the new evidence-based  science of fascia training as explained by top experts in the field,  including “Dr. Back Mechanic” Stu McGill, champion Olympic coach Dan  Pfaff, founder of Anatomy Trains Tom Myers, biomechanist Ken Clark,  founder of Sparta Science Phil Wagner MD, and assistant coach of the  Philadelphia 76ersTodd Wright.

Fascia Training is a “must read” for anyone serious about improving performance and reducing injury.