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Fiber-Optic Communication Systems

Govind P. Agrawal | 1119737362, 978-1119737360, 9781119737360, B096LCTZF6

PDF 2021

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Discover the latest developments in fiber-optic communications with the newest edition of this leading textbook 

In the newly revised fifth edition of Fiber-Optic Communication Systems, accomplished researcher and author, Dr. Govind P. Agrawal, delivers brand-new updates and developments in the science of fiber optics communications. The book contains substantial additions covering the topics of coherence detection, space division multiplexing, and more advanced subjects. 

You’ll learn about topics like fiber’s losses, dispersion, and nonlinearities, as well as coherent lightwave systems. The latter subject has undergone major changes due to the extensive development of digital coherent systems over the last decade. Space-division multiplexing is covered as well, including multimode and multicore fibers developed in just the last ten years. Finally, the book concludes with a chapter on brand-new developments in the field that are still at the development stage and likely to become highly relevant for practitioners and researchers in the coming years. 

Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: 

•A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of fiber-optic communication systems 

•An exploration of the management of fiber-optic communication losses, dispersion, and nonlinearities 

•A practical discussion of coherent lightwave systems, including coherent transmitters and receivers, as well as noise and bit-error rate, sensitivity degradation mechanisms, and the impact of nonlinear effects 

•A concise treatment of space-division multiplexing, including multicore and multimode fibers, multicore lightwave systems, and multimode lightwave systems 

•Analyses of advanced topics, including pulse shaping for higher spectral efficiency, Kramers-Kronig receivers, nonlinear Fourier transform, wavelength conversion, and optical regeneration 

Perfect for graduate students, professors, scientists, and professional engineers working or studying in the area of telecommunications technology, Fiber-Optic Communication Systems is an essential update to the leading reference in the area of fiber-optic communications.