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دانلود کتاب تغییر قاب (FrameShifting): آزادسازی قدرت چارچوب ها برای تقویت همکاری و حل مشکلات سخت

FrameShifting: Unleash the power of frameworks to strengthen collaboration and solve difficult problems by Alison Heiser ISBN-10: 0578781115 ISBN-13: 978-0578781112, 9780578781112 ASIN: B08QDWW5LM

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by Alison Heiser (Author), Mary O'Connor Shaw (Author)
FrameShifting  is a unique leadership guide to collaborating with others that combines  structure and creativity. In these pages you will learn the  FrameShifting methodology—from how to frame the “real problem” to  selecting, validating and applying frameworks. It’s a slim volume packed  with practical advice, helpful checklists, and a troubleshooting  guide—along with delightful illustrations for an enjoyable,  thought-provoking read
FrameShifting breaks new ground with the  concept of Frame Archetypes and a quiz to help you discover yours. It  profiles the FrameBuilder, FrameSeeker, FrameMaster and FreeRadical  using real-life examples to describe their skills, Achilles’ heels, and  opportunities for growth
From the Foreword: “What Alison and  Mary have done is to illuminate the discipline of problem framing and  using frameworks effectively, making what has historically been more of  an art into a learnable science that consultants of all flavors can use  to increase the impact of their work with clients
However, this  book is not just for consultants. It’s for anyone who wants to engage  others in the exploration and solving of tough problems. FrameShifting  is as much a collaboration approach as it is a problem-solving  approach.”
—Melissa Quinn, Innovation Advisor and Coach, former COO and Managing Director, Doblin, a Deloitte business
FrameShifting  draws upon Alison Heiser’s extensive experience as an executive and  consultant working with leaders and teams in blue chip organizations  including P&G, LensCrafters, Michelin, Accenture, Microsoft, BASF,  Steelcase and many others
All over the world teams are working  together to solve challenges they’ve never seen before. And far too  often, an endless series of meetings leave people frustrated and with  little to show for their efforts. FrameShifting is a skill that can be  learned, and with practice it will step change how leaders and teams  collaborate to drive innovative problem-solving in any organization

Year: 2020
Language: English
Format: EPUB, AZW, Converted PDF
Publisher: Route 10 Press
ISBN-10: 0578781115
ISBN-13: 978-0578781112, 9780578781112