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Furnace Tapping

Joalet D. Steenkamp, Dean Gregurek, Quinn G. Reynolds, Gerardo Alvear Flores, Hugo Joubert, Phillip J. Mackey, 3030925439, 9783030925437, 978-3030925437

English | 2022 | PDF

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No pyrometallurgical smelter can operate without some form of tapping  system. It is the one thing all smelters have in common. This collection  discusses this meeting point of the science, technology, and skill  involved in this process.
The tap-hole design process includes a  set of design criteria, which need to be revised as the results of  laboratory, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and time-and-motion  studies become available. The tap-hole life cycle is considered in this  volume, with authors addressing the requirements for installation and  operability as well as for maintenance. Matters such as online  monitoring of the tap-hole wear, handling of liquid products, and  extraction of fumes are all discussed.
 Although much has been  done to make the tapping process as automatic as possible, tapping of  smelters cannot be done without labor. Tap floor operators work in harsh  environments where safety is of utmost importance. Selection of  suitable personnel and intensive training is required and is discussed  in this collection.