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Germ Theory: Medical Pioneers in Infectious Diseases

Robert P. Gaynes, 168367376X, 9781683673767, 9781683673774, 9781683673781, 978-1683673767, 978-1683673774, 978-1683673781, B0C11ZMG55

English | 2023 | PDF | 33 MB | 383 Pages

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Germ Theory: Medical Pioneers in Infectious Diseases,

From the ancient worlds of Hippocrates and Avicenna to the early 20th century hospitals of Paul Ehrlich and Lillian Wald to the modern-day laboratories of François Barré-Sinoussi and Barry Marshall, Germ Theory brings to life the inspiring stories of medical pioneers whose work helped change the very fabric of our understanding of how we think about and treat infectious diseases.

In beautifully crafted narratives, author Robert Gaynes describes and presents compelling stories, including

  • How Edward Jenner, the pioneer of vaccination, faced down scores of naysayers
  • How a chance discovery led Louis Pasteur to the idea that the virulence of microbes can be altered
  • How scientists in France, the Netherlands, and Denmark produced penicillin during World War 2 while keeping their efforts hidden from the Nazis

The second edition features three new chapters based on interviews with Nobel Laureates François Barré-Sinoussi and Barry Marshall, and former NIAID Director and medical advisor to seven U.S. presidents Anthony Fauci, detailing fascinating accounts from their careers, including their groundbreaking work in the areas of HIV, peptic ulcers, and COVID-19, respectively.

Winner of a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title award for its first edition, Germ Theory is required reading for anyone training or working in the field of infectious diseases or with an interest in microbes, the history of medicine, or how new discoveries can bring about paradigmatic shifts in thinking.