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Gray's Atlas of Anatomy

Richard Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam W. M. Mitchell, Richard Tibbitts, Paul Richardson, 9780323636414, 9780323636445, 978-0323636414, 978-0323636445

English | 2020 | PDF

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Clinically focused, consistently and clearly illustrated, and logically  organized, Gray's Atlas of Anatomy, the companion resource to the  popular Gray's Anatomy for Students, presents a vivid, visual depiction  of anatomical structures. Stunning illustrations demonstrate the  correlation of structures with clinical images and surface anatomy -  essential for proper identification in the dissection lab and successful  preparation for course exams.

Key Features
Build on your  existing anatomy knowledge with structures presented from a superficial  to deep orientation, representing a logical progression through the  body.
Identify the various anatomical structures of the body and  better understand their relationships to each other with the visual  guidance of nearly 1,000 exquisitely illustrated anatomical figures.
Visualize  the clinical correlation between anatomical structures and surface  landmarks with surface anatomy photographs overlaid with anatomical  drawings.
Recognize anatomical structures as they present in practice  through more than 270 clinical images - including laparoscopic,  radiologic, surgical, ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, and other clinical  views - placed adjacent to anatomic artwork for side-by-side comparison.
Gain  a more complete understanding of the inguinal region in women through a  brand-new, large-format illustration, as well as new imaging figures  that reflect anatomy as viewed in the modern clinical setting.