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Handbook of Muscle Variations and Anomalies in Humans: A Compendium for Medical Education, Physicians, Surgeons, Anthropologists, Anatomists, and Biologists

Eve K. Boyle, Vondel S. E. Mahon, Rui Diogo, 0367538628, 978-0367538620, 9780367538620, B09TG5ZYSM

English | 2022 | PDF | 20 MB | 393 Pages

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Most  textbooks and atlases of human anatomy chronicle only a few cases of  muscle variations in the normal human population, or of muscle anomalies  within congenital malformations. Consequently, there is a misconception  of what is considered normal human anatomy and what that looks like.  Each person within the normal population has at least a few muscle  variations, and there are millions of individuals born globally each  year with muscle anomalies. There are crucial knowledge gaps between  what is taught, what students learn, what textbooks and atlases show,  and what truly happens in nature and within our species. This handbook  fills this gap by: 1) providing a comparative evolutionary context for  muscle variations and defects in humans, 2) summarizing the major types  of variations and anomalies found in humans, and 3) including didactic  figures for a visually engaging learning experience. This book is of  interest to students, professors, and researchers in biological  anthropology, comparative anatomy, functional morphology, zoology, and  evolutionary and developmental biology, as well as to clinicians and  practicing health professionals.