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Handbook of Psychodermatology: Introduction to Psychocutaneous Disorders

Mohammad Jafferany, 3030909182, 3030909158, 978-3030909154, 978-3030909185, 9783030909154, 9783030909185, B09NPP7TJZ

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English | 2022 | PDF | 2 MB | 137 Pages

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This book provides valuable information to increase confidence in proper, effective management of patients with psychodermatolic conditions. Patients with psychocutaneous disease may present to multiple professionals to seek care. The multidimensional nature of the conditions can lead to specialists being fearful of how to properly manage patients. With the information provided in this book, healthcare providers can increase their comfort and become less hesitant when making decisions determining the proper treatment course and assessing the need for referral. 

Due to the cross-disciplinary nature of this topic, this book will have a large target audience: 

  • Healthcare providers from multiple diverse fields such as, but not limited to, family medicine, dermatology, and psychiatry.
  • Dermatologists, Psychiatrists, general practitioners, dermatology and psychiatry residents, physician’s assistants, nurses, psychologists, and medical students with exposure to patients with psychocutaneous conditions and/or a special interest in the field may also benefit from the presented material. 
  • Professors, educators, and researchers with an interest in psychodermatology or interdisciplinary medicine
  • The Handbook of Psychodermatology will be a powerful resource as an aid in creating coursework material for undergraduate medical students specifically for psychiatry and/or dermatology lectures. In addition, it will be useful to graduate medical education teams creating curriculums for incoming residents in psychiatry, dermatology, family medicine, and pediatrics