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Handbook on the Clinical Treatment of Adopted Adolescents and Young Adults

Doris Bertocci, Christopher F. Deeg, Linda Mayers, B0BX9J7K6Z, 0367555387, 978-0367555382, 9780367555382, 0367558661, 978-0367558666, 9780367558666

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This collection bridges the voices of international scholars and adopted  persons to share knowledge about clinical practice with adopted people  in adolescence and early adulthood.

Coming at a time when  countries are beginning to focus on adoption reform, this handbook is  the first to address not only the external, systemic contributions to  their developmental complexities but also the underlying, internal  meanings of being adopted as children become adolescents and mature into  adulthood. It explains how adopted clients differ from those not  adopted and emphasizes the need for clinical research on adopted people  in this older age group. Exploring how clinicians can understand their  client’s clinical needs, it offers specific protocols and frameworks for  assessment and necessary modifications in language and treatment. With a  foreword by Miriam Steele, chapters examine the legal and  sociopolitical cultures, policies, and practices in which adoption is  embedded, calling for broad systemic change.

Embracing  theoretical, conceptual, and global perspectives, this handbook is  written for clinicians in all disciplines, at all tiers of practice,  administration, and training, identifying the key roles they can  potentially play in expanding and better focusing our understanding of  the psychology of being adopted.