In the name of Allah the Merciful

High-pressure Molecular Spectroscopy

Ian S. Butler, 311066528X, 9783110665284, 978-3110665284

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book compiles spectroscopy methods under high pressure to  investigate different systems such as guest-host interactions, chemical  reactions, multiferroics, lanthanide ions and-doped glasses or in  general inorganic materials. Among others, luminescence studies,  inelastic scattering as well as infrared and Raman studies under high  pressure are discussed and described regarding various applications.

List of Contributors
Characterization of pressure-mediated molecular evolutions in confined space probed by in situ vibrational spectroscopy
Diamond-anvil cell molecular spectroscopy of solid materials
Introduction to molecule-based multiferroics
Simple molecules at high pressures: transitions to extended and atomic states
Inelastic neutron scattering under pressure
Application of inelastic scattering of X-rays at high pressure
Lanthanide-doped glasses under high pressure
Metal–ligand bonding in six-coordinate d-block complexes probed by luminescence spectroscopy at variable pressure