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Holistic Health Handbook: Healing Remedies for Common Ailments

Kim Lam, 978-1647396084, 978-1647396091, 9781647396084, 9781647396091

English | 2020 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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Your easy, everyday reference guide for holistic healing remedies

Treating  your body as a whole—not just your symptoms—is a powerful health  strategy. Experience the benefits of holistic care with The Holistic  Health Handbook, a collection of alternative practices chosen to address  common ailments of the body and mind. Its wide variety of holistic  health treatments includes mind-body interventions, bodywork therapies,  energy healing, and more to help restore balance in your body—and  provide the relief you need.

Get introduced to specific  effective healing tools like aromatherapy, herbal medicine, breath work,  acupressure, and meditation. An overview of each common holistic health  practice teaches you the basics, helping you choose what to integrate  into your personal treatment plan.

The Holistic Health Handbook includes:
Quick  reference—Flip directly to A-Z entries for specific ailments like  allergies, back pain, cold and flu, depression, migraines, insomnia, and  stress. Holistic toolkit—Each entry contains three holistic health  remedies, most of which you can do at home using whole foods, herbs,  exercises, massage, and other accessible resources.A healthy  lifestyle—Learn how to help prevent future issues by improving your  environment, digestion, sleep, nutrition, and more.
Get empowered in your healing journey with The Holistic Health Handbook.