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ورزش های سبک (سوئدی) خانگی بدون تجهیزات و تمرینات با وزن بدن برای تعطیلی: راهنمای تمرینات قدرتی قرنطینه و هایپرتروفی عضلات

Home Workout No-Equipment Calisthenics and Bodyweight Exercises for the Lockdown: A Guide to Quarantine Strength Training and Muscle Hypertrophy | Jason B. Tiller | ISBN: 8642660188, 979-8642660188, B087SM67DQ, B087ZMFJ6G

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سال انتشار: 2020

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Stay fit wherever you find yourself!

With the lockdown and quarantine been experienced in a lot of places due to the current viral pandemic, it is virtually impossible for you to carry on with life as you are used to. You cannot go out on dinner dates, the cinema, and the gym to keep fit. The absence of the gym in tour life at this time should derive you from carrying out your daily fitness routines as you can keep fit with relatively simple, no equipment calisthenics exercises to build muscle mass and strengthen your cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and nervous system.

The calisthenics workout plans bring a whole new vibe to your workout sessions, and the beauty of it is you do not need any equipment, and you can workout in almost any environment, and there is no restriction on who can partake. Calisthenics is simply the undisputed no equipment workout plan in the world.

With Calisthenics, you can achieve the following and much more;

•Lose weight effectively and keep it off

•Build your endurance levels and strength

•Reduce the probability of coming down with injuries to your tendons, ligaments, joints and other parts of your body

•You can exercise in your room, the sitting room, garage, office, almost anywhere

•You don’t have to shell out a fortune for those exorbitant gym membership fees

•No need for any complicated and expensive exercise equipment.

Calisthenics is roughly translated into “Beauty Strength” from the Greek Language, and this can be seen from the way the workout is carried out, increasing your flexibility through the action of your bodyweight only. Some of the exercises include;

•Slow X Climbers


•Knee Push-up

•Lateral Lunges

•Tricep Dips


•Standing Trunk Twists


Find out the treasures and the proper ways of embracing Calisthenics and develop your body through holistic physical exercises.