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Human Microbiome in Health and Disease - Part A

Bhabatosh Das, Vijai Singh, 0323997864, 9780323997867, 978-0323997867

English | 2022 | PDF

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Human Microbiome in Health and Disease, Volume 191, Part A presents  updated knowledge on human microbiome as covered by renowned science  faculty across the globe. Chapters in this volume include an  introduction to human microbiome, Structure, functions and diversity of  healthy human microbiome, Role of human microbiome in cancer, Gut  microbiota and gastrointestinal cancer, Dysbiosis of human microbiome  and metabolic diseases, Gut microbiome and type 2 diabetes, Gut  microbiome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Hepatic drug  metabolism and intestinal microbiota, Emerging tools for understanding  the human microbiome, and Microbiome therapeutics: Opportunity and  challenges, and more.

These chapters cover the composition,  diversity, dynamics and functions of human microbiome in health and  disease. This book will form an excellent and informative text on  keystone, autochthonous, and exogenous microbiota important for human  health in a simple to understand and easy to read format.