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Human Pathogenic Microbes: Diseases and Concerns

Manzoor Ahmad Mir | 0323961274, 978-0323961271, 9780323961271, B09VXJNSML, 0323961274

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English | 2022 | PDF

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Considering the global emerging human pathogenic microbial diseases and trends, Human Pathogenic Microbes is framed to provide deep insights into the epidemic and emerging bacterial and fungal infections and diseases in humans. It presents novel, up-to-date, and cutting-edge knowledge regarding various human pathogenic microbes, their associated drug resistance mechanisms, and different diseases caused by them.

Human Pathogenic Microbes reflects the current research and development on the evolution of bacterial and fungal drug resistance: different bacterial and fungal antimicrobial drug resistance mechanisms along with their biological and molecular aspects.

In a nutshell, Human Pathogenic Microbes describes a various bacterial and fungal diseases caused by different human pathogenic microbes employing different drug resistance mechanisms and processes. It also highlights the novel emerging approaches (Immunological and combinatorial) that will aid to fight against such bacterial and fungal pathogens.