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Illustrated Guide to the National Electrical Code

8th Edition, Charles R. Miller, 0357371526, 035737164X , 978-0357371527, 9780357371527, 978-0357371640, 9780357371640, B086TYS15S

English | 2021 | Original PDF | 70 MB | 530 Pages

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 This  uniquely effective guide will help you master the 2020 National  Electrical Code. The author uses highly detailed, technically accurate  illustrations to make even the most complex aspects of the code easier  to understand and apply, translating the often complicated language of  the 2020 NEC into clear, simple instructions and helpful visuals.  Organized logically to make learning easier, the text introduces you to  fundamental concepts before progressing to requirements for various  dwellings, from one-family homes to multi-family housing, commercial  locations and special occupancies. In addition, a convenient, modular  format makes it easy to reference relevant information whenever you need  it. The Eighth Edition of this trusted resource provides detailed  information on key updates and additions to the 2020 NEC, so you can  confidently master the industry standards and best practices you'll need  to know for career success. With comprehensive coverage, an innovative  learning approach and accurate, up-to-date information, this  indispensable guide is an ideal resource for students and professionals alike.