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Independent Women in British Psychoanalysis: Creativity and Authenticity at Work

Elizabeth Wolf, Barbie Antonis, 9781032284033, 9781032279992, 9781003296690, 978-1032284033, 978-1032279992, 978-1003296690

English | 2023 | PDF

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Independent Women in British Psychoanalysis celebrates the lives and  work of female psychoanalysts whose significant contributions to the  Independent Tradition have hitherto been overshadowed by their male  counterparts.

The contributors in this volume look at seven  female psychoanalysts who broke new ground with their contributions to  theory and practice: Ella Freemen Sharpe, Marjorie Brierley, Paula  Heimann, Marion Milner, Enid Balint, Nina Coltart and Pearl King. The  chapters tell the individual stories of these psychoanalysts alongside  their theories, showing how their personal lives embody and illustrate  the essential universal developmental task of becoming oneself and  finding one’s own voice. The themes across the chapters include infant  and child development with (m)other, trauma, constructive use of  aggression, creativity, a theory of clinical technique, and independence  of mind in a social world.

This book will be of interest and  relevance to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists, developmental  psychologists, sociologists, group analysts and historians of  psychoanalysis, as well as those interested in feminism and women’s  position in society.