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Indiana Jones and Philosophy: Why Did it Have to be Socrates?

Dean A. Kowalski, William Irwin, 1119740150, 9781119740155, 978-1119740155, 9781119740162, 978-1119740162, 9781119740186, 978-1119740186, B0BZB9T77Z

English | 2023 | PDF | 37 MB | 274  Pages

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(The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series) 


What does it mean to choose wisely?
Can heroes seek fortune and glory?
Why does Indy take a leap of faith?
Do Indy’s adventures provide him evidence of the supernatural?
Should we hide the Ark of the Covenant in a military-controlled warehouse?
Why are museums so important to archaeology?

If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones! He’s both a mild-mannered archaeology professor and an intrepid adventurer traversing the globe in search of lost artifacts. Whether seeking the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt, the Sankara Stones in India, the Holy Grail in Turkey, or a mysterious crystal skull in Peru, Indy’s adventures never fail to delight audiences.

Indiana Jones and Philosophy takes you on a whirlwind journey to investigate some of the most enduring questions about the human condition. You’ll read about how Indy has wronged Marion Ravenwood, how a virtuous person would make amends, the strides Indy makes to repair his relationship with his father, why Indy distinguishes fact from truth when he pursues archaeological treasures, and much more. With trusty guides such as Aristotle, Camus, Kant, and Nietzsche at your side, you’ll consider possible answers to these questions and see Indiana Jones in a whole new light!

Comprehensive, immersive, and engaging, Indiana Jones and Philosophy offers you an accessible and lively opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Indiana Jones and appreciate the character’s greatness anew!