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Innovation Mechanisms in Start-ups: Practice, Strategies and Impacts

Varun Gupta, 3031197402, 978-3031197406, 9783031197406, B0BPLH4555, 978-3-031-19740-6, 978-3-031-19741-3

English | 2023 | PDF

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Innovation Mechanisms in Start-ups: Practice, Strategies and Impacts serves as a practical resource for startups looking for innovating their business models in domestic and global markets. This book's main objective is to describe the innovative business practices adopted by startups during the pandemic, with a special emphasis on value proposition innovation and business model innovation more generally. In order to promote open innovation, this book emphasizes the value of strategic alliances with academic libraries, peer startups, and freelancers. Additionally, using actual startup case studies, it was shown how important technological innovation is for gathering feedback, prototyping, and conducting both secondary as well as primary market research. Startups can utilize the technology evaluation and adoption frameworks as a useful reference when choosing a technology to embrace strategically. The need of regularly experimenting with new approaches, learning from mistakes, and enhancing current processes is also emphasized in this book. The ability to dispel falsehoods, capitalize on technological advancements, and form strategic alliances will be essential for innovation even in times of pandemic. This book links theoretical insights with practical experiences of startups amid the pandemic. With a perfect balance of empirical research and assessment study types, this book is a source of quick knowledge for entrepreneurs, academics and researchers on how to enhance a company’s innovative capacities and success rates. The BMI-Pandemic 2.15 model, which is an expanded version of the Odyssey 3.14 model, is presented in this book which highlight 15 guidelines to follow in order to innovate business models in pandemics. This book is suitable for Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Researcher and Technologists.