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Intermittency Equation for Transitional Flow

Ekachai Juntasaro, 9783031039416, 9783031039423, 978-3031039416, 978-3031039423

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book provides the intermittency equation that is derived a priori.  Since the intermittency equation is mathematically obtained, the  resulting gamma transition model no longer requires any extra parameters  and terms to explicitly account for free-stream turbulence and pressure  gradient like the previous transition models.

Instead, the  present gamma transition model can naturally predict natural transition  and effects of free-stream turbulence and pressure gradient on the  transition process. Furthermore, the present gamma transition model  requires much fewer model constants than the previous transition models.

The  book is beneficial for CFD researchers in industry and academia who  confront modern complex applications involving simultaneously laminar,  transitional and turbulent flow regimes, and ideally relevant to  graduate students in applied physics, applied mathematics and  engineering who are interested in the world of laminar-to-turbulent  transition modeling in CFD, or would like to further advance more  realistic transition models in the future.