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Interventional Cardiology: Principles and Practice

3rd Edition, George D. Dangas, Carlo Di Mario, Holger Thiele, Peter Barlis, 978-1119697343, 978-1119697374, 978-1119697381, 9781119697343, 9781119697374, 9781119697381, B0B117JKLN, 1119697344

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English | 2022 | PDF | 63 MB | 870 Pages

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The updated guide to understanding and implementing today’s interventional cardiology procedures

Minimally  invasive methods of cardiovascular intervention are developing apace,  propelled by unprecedented advancements in technology and procedural  expertise. Bearing exciting implications for a broad range of adjacent  fields of surgery and patient care, these innovative techniques are of  ever-increasing importance, not only within cardiology, but across  medicine as a whole. 

This third edition of Interventional Cardiology is designed to equip practitioners of all levels with a working  knowledge of today’s best and most up-to-date practices, as well as the  fundamental principles that underlie their use. Expertly revised to span  coronary interventions, interventional pharmacology, structural heart  interventions, endovascular therapy, and more, its modular sections are  accompanied by multiple-choice questions to help aid learning and  self-assessment. 

The new edition of Interventional Cardiology features: 

  • A  thorough survey of the field, including atherogenesis and inflammation,  vascular access controversies, radiation protection concepts, acute and  chronic interventional pharmacology recommendations for high risk  subjects/procedures
  • Evaluations  with imaging and physiology, including physiologic assessment in the  cardiac catheterization lab, intravascular ultrasound, and optical  coherence tomography
  • Discussions  of revascularization in various clinical settings, including stable  coronary heart disease, acute myocardial infarction, he management of  cardiogenic shock, and hemodynamic support devices and techniques
  • Examinations of coronary interventions in various lesion types, including complex lesions, left main, bifurcations, CTO
  • Heart  valve disease and relevant percutaneous interventions, including preop  imaging and clinical evaluations and outcomes assessment in great depth  and with technical details; left atrial interventions are an expanding  frontier
  • Peripheral  vascular, carotid and aorta/branch diseases are covered in greater  detail than previous editions; venous disease treatments have become  well established