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Invertebrates 4th Edition

Richard C. Brusca, Gonzalo Giribet, Wendy Moore, 0197554415, 0197637175, 0197554423, 978-0197554418, 0197554423, 9780197554418, 9780197554425, 978-0197554418, 978-0197554432 , 978-0197637173, 978-0197554425, 9780197554418, 9780197554432, 9780197637173

English | 2023 | Original PDF | 1.7 GB | 1104 Pages

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Invertebrates is a complete, trusted, and engaging textbook  whose comprehensive coverage makes it an invaluable resource for both  undergraduate and graduate courses and professional researchers. The 3rd  edition has been widely praised for its detailed classifications,  high-quality illustrations, and coverage of contemporary debates in the  field. The 4th edition will continue to feature recent scholarship and  current perspectives, while streamlining the text to improve  accessibility for intro-level students. Gonzalo Giribet joins as  coauthor, contributing his phylogenomic expertise as an Evolutionary  Biologist and Phylogeneticist, and Director of Harvard's Museum of  Comparative Zoology.