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Key Topics in Work and Organizational Psychology

Editorial Team Springer Behavioral & Health Sciences, 978-3-031-19937-0, 978-3-031-19936-3

English | 2022 | PDF

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This volume features cutting-edge and impactful articles from across Springer's diverse journals publishing program. In this curated collection, our editorial team has brought together highly-cited and downloaded articles on the topic of Work and Organizational Psychology into one single resource. Moreover, this book enables readers to review a broad spectrum of quality research on a specialized topic, which we hope facilitates interdisciplinary and critical discussions of the topic at hand. As part of the Key Topics in Behavioral Sciences book series, this volume aims to serve as a quick reference for readers when writing or researching new topics or subject areas. Other topics in the series will include Psychological Research Methods, Health and Behavior, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Sports Psychology, and Consumer Behavior. 

In the first section of the volume, articles focus on such topics as Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Italian Perceived Stress Scale, Precarious Workers, Age, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Organizational Identification, Work Experience, Defensive Silence, Emotional Exhaustion, Interpersonal Deviance, Mediation Analysis, and Workplace Ostracism. Next, the second section features research on Conscientiousness, Job Performance, Psychological Strains, Resource Allocation, Stressors, Turnover Intentions, Affective Commitment, Burnout, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, and Workplace Incivility. Lastly in the final section of this collection, Abusive Supervision, Knowledge Sharing, Leader-Member Exchange, Psychological Contract, Self-Enhancement Motive, Affective Commitment, Meaningful Work, Moderated Mediation, Positive Work Reflection, Work Centrality, Felt Trust, Self-Determination, Social Exchange Theory, Trust, and Uncertainty Management are discussed.