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Learning Vue: Core Concepts and Practical Patterns for Reusable, Composable, and Scalable User Interfaces

Maya Shavin, B0CPB9KRCG, 1492098825, 9781492098829, 978-1-492-09882-9, 978-1492098829

English | 2024 | PDF | 31 MB | 350 Pages

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Learn the core concepts of Vue.js, the modern JavaScript framework for building frontend applications and interfaces from scratch. With concise, practical, and clear examples, this book takes web developers step-by-step through the tools and libraries in the Vue.js ecosystem and shows them how to create complete applications for real-world web projects.

Youâ??ll learn how to handle data communication between components with Pinia architecture, develop a manageable routing system for a frontend project to control the application flow, and produce basic animation effects to create a better user experience.

This book also shows you how to:

  • Create reusable and lightweight component systems using Vue.js
  • Bring reactivity to your existing static application
  • Set up a project using Vite.js, a build tool for frontend project code management
  • Build an interactive state management system for a frontend application with Pinia
  • Connect external data from the server to your Vue application
  • Control the application flow with static and dynamic routing using Vue Router
  • Fully test your application using Vitest and Playwright