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Lifestyle Medicine for Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiometabolic Disease

Michael Via, Jeffrey Mechanick, 1032073829, 9781032073828, 978-1032073828

English | 2023 | PDF

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Lifestyle change is universally recommended for patients with type 2  diabetes and cardiometabolic disease, yet, the majority of clinical  practice, educational programs, and clinical trials within these chronic  disease spaces focus on medication use and procedures with insufficient  emphasis on lifestyle medicine. The concept of lifestyle medicine can  serve as a countermeasure, acting through aspects of personal choice,  natural and built environments, cultural traditions, and socioeconomic  influences that affect the metabolic health of an individual. Lifestyle  Medicine for Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Cardiometabolic Disease  provides clinical evidence and mechanistic understanding for the six  pillars of lifestyle medicine. It guides the reader to identify  opportunities for early intervention rather than a focus on the  diagnosis and treatment of the established disease. Interventions at  earlier points have the potential to mitigate progression, prevent  complications, reduce costs, and improve a patient’s overall health at  all points in their lifetime.

Key Features
Provides  mechanistic, epidemiological, and clinical understanding for all pillars  of lifestyle medicinePresents information on mechanisms for lifestyle  medicine in cardiometabolic diseaseFeatures a unique model that includes  recognition of pre-disease and even pre-pre-disease with rationale for  interventionPromotes evidence-based recommendations for all stages of  cardiometabolic disease
This volume in the Lifestyle Medicine series  is an essential resource for clinicians and students, allowing them  information to help them to prevent complications, reduce costs, and  improve a patient’s overall health at all points in their lifetime.