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Livy: The Fragments and Periochae Volume I: Fragments, Citations, Testimonia

D. S. Levene, 978-0-19-888853-6, 978-0198888536, 9780198888536, 978-0-19-287122-0, 978-0192871220, 9780192871220, 978-0-19-287123-7, 978-0192871237, 9780192871237

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Livy's 142-volume history of Rome is one of the high points of ancient historical writing; but three-quarters of that history is lost, known only from indirect sources such as epitomes and quotations. D. S. Levene's Livy: The Fragments and Periochae provides a text, translation, and commentary on all of the surviving 'para-Livian' material from antiquity. This includes the various epitomes and 'fragments' (quotations from or references to the lost books), but it also covers citations from the surviving books and all testimonia to Livy's life, work, and readership between his death in A.D. 17 and the end of classical antiquity (approximately A.D. 650). This collection of material provides the fullest account ever developed of the reputation of Livy in antiquity and the way he was used and read by later writers. Through it, Levene explores an important but under-studied aspect of the intellectual life of the Roman world.

This first volume contains the fragments, citations, and testimonia, which together comprise every reference to Livy in ancient sources. It offers a completely reedited text of these, along with a full literary, textual, and historical commentary. The volumes's introduction provides a comprehensive synoptic study of the contexts in which Livy was read and quoted.

Livy: The Fragments and Periochae Volume II: Periochae 1-45