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Machine Learning-Based Modelling in Atomic Layer Deposition Processes (Emerging Materials and Technologies)

Oluwatobi Adeleke, Sina Karimzadeh, Tien-Chien Jen, B0CM8DWL7G, 1032386703, 9781032386706, 978-1-032-38670-6, 978-1032386706, 978-1-032-38673-7, 978-1032386737, 9781032386737, 978-1-003-34623-4, 9781003346234, 978-1003346234

English | 2024 | PDF | 40 MB | 377 Pages

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While thin film technology has benefited greatly from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques, there is still much to be learned from a full-scale exploration of these technologies in atomic layer deposition (ALD). This book provides in-depth information regarding the application of ML-based modeling techniques in thin film technology as a standalone approach and integrated with the classical simulation and modeling methods. It is the first of its kind to present detailed information regarding approaches in ML-based modeling, optimization, and prediction of the behaviors and characteristics of ALD for improved process quality control and discovery of new materials. As such, this book fills significant knowledge gaps in the existing resources as it provides extensive information on ML and its applications in film thin technology.

  • Offers an in-depth overview of the fundamentals of thin film technology, state-of-the-art computational simulation approaches in ALD, ML techniques, algorithms, applications, and challenges.
  • Establishes the need for and significance of ML applications in ALD while introducing integration approaches for ML techniques with computation simulation approaches.
  • Explores the application of key techniques in ML, such as predictive analysis, classification techniques, feature engineering, image processing capability, and microstructural analysis of deep learning algorithms and generative model benefits in ALD.
  • Helps readers gain a holistic understanding of the exciting applications of ML-based solutions to ALD problems and apply them to real-world issues.

Aimed at materials scientists and engineers, this book fills significant knowledge gaps in existing resources as it provides extensive information on ML and its applications in film thin technology. It also opens space for future intensive research and intriguing opportunities for ML-enhanced ALD processes, which scale from academic to industrial applications.