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Macropinocytosis: Functions and Mechanisms

Cosimo Commisso, 3030940039, 9783030940034, B09X6N43JF

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English | 2022 | PDF | 5 MB | 227 Pages

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This book presents the functions and mechanisms of macropinocytosis, an actin-driven endocytic uptake process.

Key points, including the evolutionary origins of macropinocytosis and major signaling pathways that regulate this uptake mechanism, are highlighted. A wide-array of functions of macropinocytosis are described, including cellular metabolism, cell death, cell migration and antigen presentation. Macropinocytosis has recently been recognized as a critical pathway in disease pathology and treatment. Therefore, a broad overview of macropinocytosis will benefit clinicians, as well as translational and basic research scientists. Moreover, as one of the main clathrin-independent endocytic routes, compiling all the critical information about macropinocytosis in one collection, this book will also be helpful to educators and their students.