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Managing Innovative Projects and Programs

Management Handbooks for Results, H. James Harrington, Sid Ahmed Benraouane, 1032197625, 978-1032197623, 9781032197623, B0B1NTMDZP

English | 2023 | PDF | 14 MB | 355 Pages

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It  has been estimated that over 75% of the innovative projects that begin  through the Innovation Management System (IMS) are either failures or  they failed to produce the desired results. The biggest wastes most  medium- to large-size organizations face are the waste of money, time,  reputation, opportunity, and income that these failures are costing  them. Following this book’s recommendations could reduce this failure  cost by as much as 70%. 

The purpose of this book is  to provide a step-by-step procedure on how to process a medium- or  large-size project, program, or product using an already-established IMS  that considers the guidance given in ISO 56002:2019 – Innovation  Management Systems Standard. Often the most complicated, complex,  difficult, and challenging system used in an organization is the IMS. At  the same time, it usually is the most important system because it is  the one that generates most of the value-adding products for the  organization, and it involves most of the key functions within the  organization. 

The opportunity for failure in time  and the impact on the organization is critical and often means the  difference between success and bankruptcy. Throughout this book, the  authors detail the high-impact inputs and activities that are required  to process individual projects/programs/products through the innovation  cycle. Although this book was prepared to address how medium to large  projects, programs, and products proceed through the cycle, it also  provides the framework that can be used for small organizations and  simple innovation activities. Basically, the major difference between  large- and small-impact innovation projects is that the small projects  can accept more risks, require less formal documentation, use simpler  communication systems, and require fewer resources. It’s important to  remember that the authors are addressing an existing IMS rather than  trying to create an entirely new one. 

Currently,  this is the only book geared for professionals responsible for managing  innovative projects and programs using ISO 56002:2019 – Innovation  Management – Innovation Management System – Guidance to provide a  comprehensive management strategy and step-by-step plan and ISO 56004  Innovation Management Assessment –Guidance. It provides a comprehensive  analysis of what is required from the time an opportunity is recognized  to the time the customer is using the innovative product. 

The  book also introduces a new Process modeling cloud service that allows  you to drill down 5 levels from the system level to the job description  level and includes free access to many of the book’s best practice  Process models.