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Managing Legal Compliance in the Health Care Industry

George Moseley, 1284034275, 1284244245, 978-1284034271, 9781284034271, 978-1284244243, 9781284244243

English | 2015 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 3 MB

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The  pressures are mounting for healthcare organizations to comply with a  growing number of laws and regulations. With the passage of the  Affordable Care Act, sophisticated compliance programs are now mandatory  and the penalties for noncompliance are more severe. Increasingly,  those who are trained in the fundamentals of healthcare laws and  regulations and the complexities of designing and running compliance  programs will be in high demand.

Managing  Legal Compliance in the Health Care Industry is a comprehensive  resource that will prepare you to build and manage successful compliance  programs for any healthcare service or industry. In three sections,  this unique title first examines all the key laws and regulations with  which healthcare organizations must comply. In section two, the author  explores in detail the seven essential ingredients for a good compliance  program. In the final section, the book explains how the compliance  program must be adapted to the special needs of different types of  healthcare organizations.

Designed  for administrators and legal counsel in health care organizations, as  well graduate-level students in programs of public health, health  administration, and law, Managing Legal Compliance in the Health Care  Industry is filled with highly practical information about the ways that  legal violations occur and how good compliance programs function.

Key Features:

- Examines in detail the current laws and regulations with which all types of healthcare organizations must comply
- Explores the seven essential ingredients for a good compliance program
- Looks at compliance programs within twelve different types of healthcare organizations
- References real-world cases of fraud and abuse
- Includes Study Questions and Learning Experiences in each chapter that are designed to encourage critical thinking