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Manufacturing Processes for Engineering Materials in SI Units

6th Edition, Global Edition, Serope Kalpakjian, Steven Schmid, 1292254386, 1-292-25438-6, 978-1-292-25438-8, 978-1292254388, 9781292254388, 978-1-292-25441-8, 978-1292254418, 9781292254418

English | 2023 | PDF | 200 MB | 1139 Pages

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Forundergraduate courses in Mechanical, Industrial, Metallurgical, and  MaterialsEngineering Programs or for graduate courses in Manufacturing  Science andEngineering.

ManufacturingProcesses for Engineering  Materials addressesadvances in all aspects of manufacturing,  clearlypresenting comprehensive, up-to-date, and balanced coverage of  thefundamentals of materials and processes. With the 6th Edition in  SIUnits, students learn to properly assess the capabilities,  limitations, andpotential of manufacturing processes and their  competitive aspects. The authorspresent information that motivates and  challenges students to understand anddevelop an appreciation of the  vital importance of manufacturing in the modernglobal economy. The  numerous examples and case studies throughout the book helpstudents  develop a perspective on the real-world applications of the  topicsdescribed in the book. As in previous editions, this text  maintains the samenumber of chapters while continuing to emphasize the  interdisciplinary natureof all manufacturing activities, including the  complex interactions amongmaterials, design, and manufacturing  processes.