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Mechatronics―Trending Future Industries

Bartosz Powałka, Arkadiusz Parus, Marcin Chodźko, Roman Szewczyk, 3030933768, 9783030933760, 978-3030933760

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book explains that the coming years undoubtedly bring new  developments in mechatronics. These advances are stimulated by the  growing demand for intelligent, autonomous solutions in various branches  of industry and consumer products. The development of economically  justified new mechatronic products is not possible without the ongoing  progress in manufacturing technology, metrology, measurements systems,  new materials and control techniques. Those are the key for reducing  costs and enhancing functionality of new products.  Therefore, the scope  of the 5th International Conference Mechatronics spanned from advanced  mechatronic systems to manufacturing processes. The new results of  research in this areas are reported in this book. We strongly believe  that the solutions and guidelines presented during the conference held  in Szczecin (Poland) from 8th to 10th September 2021 are useful for both  researchers and engineers solving problems associated with mechatronic  products.