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Medicare for All: An Economic Rationale

Ken Lefkowitz, 1032223413,‎ 978-1032223414, 9781032223414, B09SK1NFQQ

English | 2022 | PDF

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Healthcare continues to be one of the defining political issues  in the United States. Though many progressives argue for an overhaul of  the current system based on ethical or humanitarian principles, this  important book offers an economic rationale for providing healthcare for  all.

The purpose of Medicare For All: An Economic Rationale is  to demonstrate how current runaway healthcare prices can be addressed  by implementing the cost-effectiveness of Medicare For All. Written by a  former Corporate Director and healthcare consultant, this book  illustrates why the current free market model for healthcare is  ultimately failing the country by not containing rising healthcare  costs, which has a severe economic impact on all Americans, including  those covered by employer medical plans. Major factors in that failure  such as the lack of transparency, human decision factors, and high  administrative costs in the current system are explored. The book  demonstrates that implementing Medicare For All, providing comprehensive  benefits with no copays, private insurance premiums, deductibles, or  other cost-sharing, will not only improve the lives of most Americans,  but will be far more cost-effective than the present system.

This  is an incisive, important contribution to a topic that continues to  shape American political discourse and will be of interest to scholars  and professionals engaged in this area as well as politicians and the  public in general.