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Meisner and Mindfulness: Authentic and Truthful Solutions for the Challenges of Modern Acting

Royce Sparks, 1032186003, 103218602X, 978-1032186009, 9781032186009, 978-1032186023, 9781032186023, B0B7Z8T2WZ

English | 2023 | PDF | 2 MB | 304 Pages

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Meisner and Mindfulness: Authentic and Truthful Solutions for the Challenges of Modern Acting is the first book that reveals how Meisner and mindfulness can be  united to create strong results for actors and help them navigate the  challenges of the digital age.

The twenty-first  century has created an entirely new set of demands and pressures on the  working actor, including an acceleration of the digital age and the  complications of COVID-19, which have led to auditions, rehearsals, and  even whole performances happening entirely in isolation. This book  combines a modern rethinking of the Meisner technique with a  complementary set of tools from mindfulness meditation to offer profound  solutions to these growing challenges, addressing the demands of a  post-coronavirus industry as well as the pressures of acting in the  digital era. In this ground-breaking expansion of the technique, readers  will discover how it is possible to train some of the deepest values of  living truthfully under a given set of circumstances, both with other  actors and whilst alone. Since the 1950s the Meisner technique has aided  the actor in navigating the demands unique to their time. This book is a  powerful reminder that, even in the midst of so many changes and  challenges, the truthfulness that has defined outstanding performances  across generations is still within reach.

Full of easily accessible mindfulness and Meisner exercises and principles for practice-based support, Meisner and Mindfulness will be illuminating to working actors, directors, students and  instructors of acting, and practitioners of the Meisner technique  looking to develop the authenticity, immediateness, and closeness  essential to great acting.

The book also includes  access to an online supplement featuring additional exercises and  concepts, including new ways to incorporate Meisner exercises into  training sessions, suggestions for how Meisner-oriented companies can  use exercises such as repetition in rehearsals, and discussions for how  to set up a facilitated Meisner group.