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دانلود کتاب سرمایه گذاری متاورس: راهنمای مبتدیان جدید برای NFT ها، هنر رمزنگاری، دارایی های دیجیتال و بازی های بلاک چین

METAVERSE INVESTING: The New beginners guide to NFTs, Crypto Art, Digital Assets and Blockchain Gaming by James Wallace . ISBNs: 979-8413898277, 9798413898277, B09RZHJ36Q, B09RY3DNHS

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Have you heard about the Metaverse?
What exactly is the Metaverse?
How can we make money with it?
Do you want to get involved now, while it is still a new idea?
If you want to know more then keep reading…
The  Metaverse can broadly be described as an online virtual environment  where users can interact with the computing environment and other users.  Metaverse is ever-expanding and is quickly moving on to other areas  which will include things like cryptocurrencies, NFT’s, and other  investments
Metaverse is the future! It’s planned to be the next  big thing in Crypto, in fact, many leaders claim it's going to be the  next stage of the Internet. Facebook (one of the biggest companies in  the world) have so much trust in it they have changed their business  name to “Meta”!

In this Merverse book you will discover
Top Crypto fit with the Metaverse
The Change of the Web
Key concepts of the Metaverse
New business models of the Web 3.0
Real estate investing in the Metaverse
Altcoins and cryptocurrencies
How to make a profit in the Metaverse
Using the Metaverse for networking
What exactly is the Metaverse?
How can we make money with it?
Virtual Reality in the Metaverse
How Augmented Reality works in the Metaverse
The investment of NFT’s in the Metaverse
Avoid Risks and Challenges in the Metaverse
The Future of the Metaserve

This  Book contains all of the technological advancements that are hastening  the breakdown of the physical-virtual divide. The metaverse is more than  just virtual worlds; it's a place where the physical is transformed  virtually through digital twins and mirror worlds, and the virtual is  rendered tangible by data overlaying on physical locations and items via  augmented reality and haptic, as well as 3D printing
This  metaverse openness or interoperability will be a challenge for today's  big digital corporations, who have built and operated private platforms  where customers are essentially trapped in 'walled gardens,' and their  personal data is monetized.
This is where cryptocurrencies like  Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as blockchain technology, come into play.  Blockchain, a distributed ledger, is naturally decentralized and, in  theory, can give people more control over their data while also allowing  small businesses to thrive online through smart contracts and other  means
Cryptocurrencies incentivize users to maintain the  blockchain for the greater good, based on codified laws and governance,  resulting in a tokenized economy that threatens to disrupt everything  from banks and legal companies to traditional government structures and  organizations

Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: EPUB, Converted PDF
Publisher: Independently published
ISBN-13: 979-8413898277, 9798413898277