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Microbial Bioprocessing of Agri-food Wastes: Bioactive Molecules

Gustavo Molina, Minaxi Sharma, B0C6YNQVBD, 0367625180, 0367653362,1000838013, 9780367625184,9781000837995, 9781000838015, 9780367653361, 978-0367625184, 978-1000837995, 978-1000838015, 978-0367653361, 978-0-367-62518-4, 978-0-367-65336-1, 978-1-003-12897-7

English | 2023 | Original PDF | 13 MB | 331 Pages

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This  book gives a comprehensive overview of recent advances in the  valorization of agri-food waste and discusses the main process  conditions needed to overcome the difficulties of using waste as  alternative raw materials. It also discusses specific methodologies,  opportunistic microbes for biomass valorization, the sustainable  production of agri-food waste, as well as examines the assessment and  management of bioactive molecules production from microbial-valorization  of agri-food waste. The authors provide technical concepts on the  production of various bio-products and their commercial interest  including agri-food waste utilization in the microbial synthesis of  proteins, the valorization of horticulture waste, the sustainable  production of pectin via microbial fermentation, as well as other food  and pharmacological applications. This book is intended for  bioengineers, biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists,  microbiologists, food technologists, enzymologists, and related  professionals and researchers.

  • Explores recent advances in the valorization of agri-food waste 
  • Provides technical concepts on the production of various bio-products of commercial interest 
  • Discusses the main process conditions to overcome the difficulties of using waste as alternative raw materials 
  • Introduces technical-economic details on the advantages and disadvantages of exploring the waste recovery chain 
  • Explores the main technological advances in the recovery of residues in functional products